why is he born

Three Hills Sustainable Brand

Behind this sustainable clothing brand there are people with very
marked who have taken the step of uniting to
share your dreams, challenges and illusions.

After all, unity is strength, don't you think?

We work together to build the same path, far from our comfort zone but
much closer to what is really worth fighting for: our planet.

Start point

We could have given up and not create or shape Three Hills Sustainable Brand.

We could have given up that dream, that illusion. We could have decided not to risk and not deviate from the path. But we chose to gamble: something inside of us knew it was going to work out.

Now, with a certain perspective and a long journey ahead, we want to convey that same strength to all those who today fight for a dream.

change moves us

Our intention is to promote the transformation of today's society towards a fairer and more balanced, more slow.

We renounced fast fashion and opted for a more sustainable business model committed to caring for the environment.

We know that on board our ship there are many people who, like you, want to live in a better world. Together with them we want to row until we reach our objectives, which are also yours.

We don't give up design

Because making sustainable fashion does not mean making big sacrifices. It's all about taking awareness of our actions and modify them until they are the least harmful possible for society.

Difficult? Yes, we will not deny it. But we are sure that will and conviction It's how things are best achieved.

We proudly manufacture our clothing in Bangladesh, under international standards certified by non-profit and independent associations.

from you to you

In short, those of us who are part of Three Hills Sustainable Brand we are like you:
people with concerns who are aware that all the little big changes add up.