Projects and Collaborations

We embrace the causes. We follow our values.

According to a study by the Stockholm Resilience Center, there are 9 limits that keep the planet in balance, going over even one of them would imply irreversible consequences.

One of them was called new entities, this section is where entities such as microplastics come in (apart from other substances), and that is why we have decided to start our collaboration with a piece of company such as @thegravitywave 🌊.

The objective is clear: to collect the maximum amount of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea, for which we will allocate 2% of our sales.

Our mission is to bring sustainability closer to people, through our clothing and our projects.
For this reason, we will collaborate in cleaning the most polluted sea on the planet.

We, the Three Hills Sustainable Brand community, will try together to prevent the proliferation of these microplastics that have a negative impact not only on marine life, but also on the rest of the planet 🌍.

We know it's a small step, but it's a step on the right path 🌿.

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